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Connected Product Awards Submission Form Instructions

The submission form is in two (2) steps. First you complete Step 1 and pay for your entry. As soon as the payment is complete, Step 2 will open and you will be able to enter the product details and media.

Step 1

Please enter the product name, select a category, and click "Add to Cart".

Review and Checkout

If you would like to make another submission, please click on "Make Another Submission"
If you are done, please click "Checkout"

After clicking "Checkout" you will be taken to a payment page. Once payment is complete you will be taken to the "Thank You" page. 
Here you can see that you still need to enter more info as Step 2 has opened.

Whether you click "Needs Attention" or "Click to Continue", you will be taken to the same (Needs Attention) page. Please click "Open" to go to Step 2.

Step 2

Here is the data needed for Step 2.

Next, you need to select UP TO 3 application locations and focus the following essays on those locations.
You will see either the Commercial or Residential locations based on the category you selected.



Essays - Please focus the essays on the location(s) you chose (200 words max each).

Please enter a promotion statement for your product (100 words max), manufacturer's website, and social media tags.

After the information is entered you can either click "Save" if you need to come back and enter more data or "Save and Finalize" if you are done and wish to submit the application.